Taholah Schools Master Plan
Quinault Indian Nation

Harthorne Hagen Architects and Susan Black & Associates Landscape Architects completed master planning for the Taholah School District, as well as an educational specification document for a future K-12 school on the site. 

Respecting Quinault Indian Nation customs and values, the program for the TEC (Taholah Education Center) integrates tribal culture and history with the education program at every possible level.  The significance and importance of this integration was expressed during the public presentations and comments about the development of the school included:

-  The tribal culture must be preserved and passed along to the next generations
-  The 'methods and conditions of teaching would help develop a core family' where children interact together. 
-  A strong sense of place, cultural integration and excellent education would impart a lasting self-confidence to students departing for college and other adventures.